Body language in pandemic times

By Kira Huberman If there is something that is imprinted in human DNA, it’s that the first expressions of life and understanding of the external environment that surrounds us have to do with experience, contact, and how people express themselves in relation to the society that surrounds them. Humanity has always subsisted by forming clans … Leer más

Get rid of what you accumulate

By Kira Huberman Life is a learning process that sometimes makes you accumulate things, which then manifest in your body, mind or spirit in a harmful way. If you still can’t identify where I want to get to with this, simply ask yourself the following question: What am I accumulating in my life? By asking … Leer más

The diseases of modern captivity

By Kira Huberman. At present, we see humanity facing various types of non-communicable diseases (non-contagious diseases) that already seem to be part of the normality of daily life: diabetes, coronary diseases, hypertension, fatty liver and others, which have made the human being dependent for life on medications to lengthen their days. Today, less and less … Leer más

Why are we attracted to toned bodies?

By KIRA HUBERMAN If you thought that the tendency to look for a sculpted body comes from ideas instilled by fashion or aesthetics, you are wrong. The attraction that humans feel for marked abs and prominent glutes dates back thousands of years, when the anatomy of each individual said a lot about their chances of … Leer más

The power of walking

By Kira Huberman Human beings, compared to other mammals, are not the most efficient runners. And it’s not that we stand out much in jumping. Despite these conditions, the human species adapted its anatomy to be able to travel long distances and keep moving for longer time. Bipedalism (walking on two feet) was a progress … Leer más

Move wilder and you’ll live better

By Kira huberman You may wonder why the human body begins to deteriorate over the years. We tend to blame multiple ailments on age, such as osteoporosis, rounded back, lack of agility, muscle weakness and joint mobility. It’s at this stage of life when the conventional human of the contemporary era quickly goes to a … Leer más

Flowback Origin

By Jimmy Lavin Flowback is a training system that, beyond technicalities, enriches our sensory, joint and muscle stimuli through different organic movements. Flowback allows us to reconnect with the ancestral human species and rediscover our limitless being. Our originsFlowback comes from flowing back, or again; we travel to the past until our abilities are rejuvenated. … Leer más