Get rid of what you accumulate

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By Kira Huberman

Life is a learning process that sometimes makes you accumulate things, which then manifest in your body, mind or spirit in a harmful way. If you still can’t identify where I want to get to with this, simply ask yourself the following question: What am I accumulating in my life? By asking yourself this in a moment of introspection, you will understand that perhaps for years you have accumulated aspects or emotions that ended up manifesting in illnesses or diseases.

Don’t worry, the truth is that we all tend to accumulate certain things, the important thing is to figure out what they are and what they have become over time. If you stop for a moment, you will discover that maybe you have been accumulating guilt for years due to unhealthy relationships, or perhaps you have accumulated weight as a result of anxieties or rewarding yourself in the wrong way, perhaps you accumulate memories that don’t allow you to create a future, or anger that has affected the proper functioning of your intestinal tract.

When I refer to the human being, I am referring to a whole being in which his corporality, mentality and emotionality are united aspects that influence one another. Currently, there is a tendency to divide the human being into different parts. Even when training, often the muscles are worked in isolation, without realizing that the naturalness of being is integrality.

Begin by defining what you are accumulating in your life, and then relate it to your ailments, illnesses, addictions, anxieties and depressions. In this way, it will be easier for you to become aware of the learning process in your life, to carry it out from the path of self-knowledge and integral health. Remember that every emotion and thought that inhabits your body affects its condition and optimal functioning. Getting rid of old habits will give space in your life to new ways of dealing with the relationship you have with yourself and also with your environment.

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