We awaken souls through movement. We connect the best of yoga, capoeira, dance and martial arts to strengthen your motivation when training

The way of the Flowmover

Online training courses

Beginner Flowmover

Live Zoom and recorded classes
*4 days free*

Monthly fee:

🇨🇱 $21.800

🇺🇸 USD 30

🇲🇽 Mx 564,0

🇪🇺 €28

Transform course

Live Zoom and recorded classes
Group coaching on habits and eating
Talks with experts in various areas of health

Quarterly fee:

🇨🇱 $68.000

🇺🇸 USD 90

🇲🇽 Mx 1.692

🇪🇺 €84

Do you want to advance on the way of the Flowmover and have more class schedules?

Every Monday and Thursday, at the end of the afternoon classes, you will be able to move on to the next level of training.

Do you want to train in-person?

Benefits of training in FlowBack

Our clases


A challenging ground-level and free-body movement class where you connect your mind and body through balance, dynamic tension and coordination poses. It focuses on the flow of the body, in connection with the primitive movements of the human species and the imitation of animal movement. These sessions are symbolized by the water element, which will grant fluidity towards new skills, together with the mind and body connection.


It is an instance to develop and strengthen the muscles in an organic way. In this class, dumbbells and kettlebells are used, with the purpose of activating large muscle chains at the same time through inertia and stabilization movements. These sessions are symbolized by the fire element, which enhances and activates inner power, maximizing your energy.


This class aims to expand the range of motion of the joints, rejuvenating the body through everyday movement. It is a soft and friendly session that connects the limbs with the earth and with conscious breathing. These sessions are symbolized by the earth element, which will help you connect with the energy of life and self-care.


This class aims to improve physical endurance and activate the cardiovascular system through functional exercises and flow movements in a determined amount of time. Its benefits point to fat oxidation and improve metabolism. These sessions are symbolized by the air element, which will enhance cell oxygenation and stimulate heart function.

Flowmaster Founders

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Kira Huberman

Fundadora y Flowmaster

Jaime Lavín

Fundador y Flowmaster

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