The diseases of modern captivity

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By Kira Huberman.

At present, we see humanity facing various types of non-communicable diseases (non-contagious diseases) that already seem to be part of the normality of daily life: diabetes, coronary diseases, hypertension, fatty liver and others, which have made the human being dependent for life on medications to lengthen their days. Today, less and less time is spent determining the true origin of illnesses. Traditional medicine tends to provide temporary solutions to problems that are actually caused solely by the environment that surrounds us and our behavior.

The behavior of human beings these days is absolutely far from what our ancestors had ten thousand years ago. In ancient times, virtually all activities revolved around survival, hunting, gathering, and building homes. These activities allowed the human body to remain in optimal physical condition. The natural loads provided by the environment that surrounded them made them develop firm muscles, a cardiovascular system ready for action and joints with a wide range of movement and vitality, since they always had to execute very different movements. Despite how hostile this might seem, they enjoyed time for recreation and socialization with their clan and environment.

Contemporary humans live in an environment that provides them with maximum comfort: clothing that protects them from the cold, spaces that protect them from the heat, soft armchairs, padded beds, and shoes that give them elegance or comfort. The problem is that all this completely distances them from their nature. With a single click the screens turn on and with another click the food arrives at the door of the house. It is at this moment where it’s worth asking: Why have our knees atrophied? Why do we have the arches of our feet collapsed? Why do we have worn hips? Why do we have tendonitis in our wrists? Why do we suffer from back pain?

The human being is currently a captive animal whose anatomy and mental health suffer the consequences of modern habits. Our tissues are not prepared for the sedentary lifestyle and the extreme comfort to which we subject them. This is why atrophy and wearing of the body are observed. Not to mention the zoochotic behavior (behavior of animals in captivity), with high levels of stress and anxiety that we present as we are slaves to our own success.

Give yourself an opportunity to observe your habits, generate substantial changes so that the behavior you have leads you to develop the best version of yourself in terms of physical and mental health. Keep in touch with nature, this will lower your anxiety levels and fill your life with nourishing movements that will revitalize your body.

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