Why are we attracted to toned bodies?

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If you thought that the tendency to look for a sculpted body comes from ideas instilled by fashion or aesthetics, you are wrong. The attraction that humans feel for marked abs and prominent glutes dates back thousands of years, when the anatomy of each individual said a lot about their chances of survival.

Most of the species of the animal kingdom on the earth’s surface are quadrupedal, or at least occupy their upper limbs to support their movement. This posture keeps the central area of the body, where the vital organs are, more protected against possible attacks from predators. When human beings began to move on two feet, they left the weakest part of their structure exposed. It’s for this reason that the abdominal muscles acquired a preponderant role in their anatomy, in order to achieve a better subsistence of the species. In addition, these muscles gave stability to movements and support to the spine.

The attraction for a strong abdomen is synonymous with the search for the best protection shield. In the same way, there’s attraction towards prominent glutes. In the case of the masculine sex towards the feminine, this can be observed in an evident way. This phenomenon occurs because millennia ago there were no substitutes for breast milk, so the accumulation of fat in the areas of the glutes and hips in the woman’s body set an attractive precedent that indicated that the woman could provide sufficient sustenance for raising the new generation through lactation. In primitive times this process was more extensive than what we know of in modern times, yet the genes of our species continue to express their fascination with survival.

Believe it or not, the glutes have another superpower that makes them immensely attractive: they are the largest muscle in the body and the ones that give power, strength and resistance to human movement. For these reasons, strong glutes ensured a longer life and a better tool to face the difficulties presented by the environment.

Everything always has a deeper meaning than we can imagine. When nature and genetics are present, everything in everyday life begins to make sense. Today, human beings have distanced themselves from their primitive nature; however, in it is the answer to all our questions.

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