The power of walking

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By Kira Huberman

Human beings, compared to other mammals, are not the most efficient runners. And it’s not that we stand out much in jumping. Despite these conditions, the human species adapted its anatomy to be able to travel long distances and keep moving for longer time.

Bipedalism (walking on two feet) was a progress in our evolution, since in this way our energy expenditure was much less than that of other animals, which allowed us to expand our domain in various lands of the world, giving us a great advantage against other species.

We populated the world and its various continents thanks to the power of our feet, which have undergone a process of evolution by adapting to long walks for millennia. Walks our genes are still waiting for.

Our gait pattern is the most perfect tool for movement and exercise of our species. This is why many studies related to human mobility show the same results. Brief moments of body mobility a day have a great positive impact on health, even more so if you move constantly. This could reduce the risk of mortality by 80%, since it improves blood pressure, triglycerides and indicators of inflammation.

Simply put, human physiology has adapted to rely on walking motion. This motion provides our body with a good functioning of the lymphatic system, since the circulation of lymph and blood that returns to the heart through the veins does not have its own motor that helps it carry out this work. This process is carried out through muscular contractions that allow these vital fluids to advance.

The sedentary lifestyle, which overwhelms people’s bodies in this modern era, has hindered its basic functions, such as those I mentioned above, which are essential for detoxification and waste elimination. That’s why this is easier than it seems. If you are looking for a healthy body, don’t think that it will happen through green juices: it will happen if you walk more.

Take off your shoes, free your feet from their pointed cells and high heels, free them from those cushioned soles that limit their sensory capacity for life’s irregularities. Connect your body with the surface from which we come and treat yourself to a moment of walking barefoot through the grass, dirtying your feet and allowing yourself to feel the cold, the heat and the humidity. Just awaken your body to the sensations that there is nothing that separates it from the reality from which it comes.

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