Move wilder and you’ll live better

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By Kira huberman

You may wonder why the human body begins to deteriorate over the years. We tend to blame multiple ailments on age, such as osteoporosis, rounded back, lack of agility, muscle weakness and joint mobility. It’s at this stage of life when the conventional human of the contemporary era quickly goes to a doctor, so that the doctor can provide a curative remedy for the ailments that interrupt his daily life.

However, little attention is paid to identify the origin of these problems, most of them coming exclusively from having deprived ourselves of leading our lives in a natural environment. Today we live our lives by the standards of human zoos, better known as cities or society. The latter was responsible for paving the surface on which you walk to give you stability. So stability is no longer sought by your own body; society was also in charge of granting you great comforts, such as the chairs and cubicles that you call home.

These protect you from cold, heat and provide maximum comfort to your body for staying static. On the other hand, we cannot forget the electric light either, which maintains your lucidity in hours when you should rest.

The anatomical and physiological problems that our species has were not present in the lives of our ancestors. This is closely related to the lack of primitive movements that we give our bodies, which were present in the life of Paleolithic humans.

The human anatomy quickly adapts to the external stimuli you offer it.

Our modern society and habits are similar to when we use a cast on a limb. This causes immobilization, muscle atrophy and loss of nerve sensitivity. City captivity acts on our body as if it were a plaster. Although on a slower scale, no less noxious.

If you want the passing of the years not to be synonymous with discomfort, start moving more and then start moving better. Seek to walk through irregular places, respect the necessary hours of sleep, make friends with the ground and adopt different positions to sit down, get rid of your super comfortable chair that you use to spend hours in front of the computer. Use a more uncomfortable one; it will make you shift your position naturally. These small changes reduce the levels of mortality and diseases derived from the habits of our modern society by a high percentage.

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