Flowback Origin

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By Jimmy Lavin

Flowback is a training system that, beyond technicalities, enriches our sensory, joint and muscle stimuli through different organic movements. Flowback allows us to reconnect with the ancestral human species and rediscover our limitless being.

Our origins
Flowback comes from flowing back, or again; we travel to the past until our abilities are rejuvenated. We seek to empathize and connect with nature, just like when we were children, because that is the true nature, health in conscience without fear, without holding back and without brakes.

Our Ideology
Learn to move as our ancestors did and use our body for what it was really forged, hunt-gather. These natural movements allowed us to survive for generations on planet Earth in situations of need, so we will include them again, in order to provide our body with flexibility, strength and adaptability.

Developing spatial intelligence through conscious movements gives us a new body language of freedom, to flow and meet again with our best self. Learning to trust our body is an extraordinary self-confidence tool for the different stages of life.

This is Flowback
Flowback is an innovative fitness program that uses training with meaning. It improves strength, power, flexibility, motor coordination and balance. It helps to develop mobility to the maximum, a key element for a young and healthy body.

We do not perform repetitive or high-impact movements, because they decrease the capacity of body mobility. Submitting ourselves to an intense effort with great muscular-articular demand exposes us to future injuries. This is why, in addition to stimulating our motor skills, the execution of movements with active stretching is added.

We allow the human body to train in a holistic way, ensuring that the muscles not get used to a monotonous dynamic, always offering new challenges. The human being is valued as a whole and not as the sum of its parts.

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