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Certificación online | Mobility & Flow

Fecha: Sábado 30 de Septiembre


(primeros 10 cupos)

3-12 cuotas sin interés

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Our Certification

We specialize in functional organic training and physical preparation from an unconventional and integrating approach, based on the primitive movements of the human species. Flowback aims to address the needs of students, taking into account physical, mental and emotional factors, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their skills and reinforcing their self-assessment through the achievement of short-term goals.

The purpose of this course...

The purpose of this course is to provide the required practical and technical tools of our training methodology and, in addition, the theoretical knowledge on which our program is based.

In this course you will learn...

About the Course

Full-day live training:

You will learn the practical aspects of the methodology, progressions, regressions, and variations for different skill levels.

Zoom training:

You will have one month of training included in your course, where you will complete 20 hours of training to refine your movements and increase your confidence in the acquired knowledge.

Content platform:

You will access the course theory through recorded videos and supporting materials, which will remain available on the platform for 2 months, allowing you to delve deeper into the pillars of the methodology.

Study manual:

To reinforce your learning, you will have a study manual where you can review all movement techniques. It will be available to you whenever you need it.

What does the course include?

(A group whose objective is to share support material, activities and indications concerning the course)


You must be physically fit to support your body weight in the plank and quadruped positions.

To teach the methodology, you must pass both a practical and theoretical exam.

If you are taking the course solely for knowledge enhancement, you are not required to take the exams, but you are not qualified to teach classes.

This course does not require any prior knowledge and is open to fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals.